WHAT CAN YOU DO? - Krusar Reng Mam

It is up to everyone to protect children from harm, abuse and exploitation. Whether you are a parent, a local authority figure, a teacher or a neighbour, whether you work in the child protection sector in Cambodia or other sectors. If you see a child in danger, or suspect that a child is at risk of harm, there are things you can do. Don’t hold off until it’s too late. Speak up as soon as you see something wrong.


Don’t hold off

until it’s too late

Call the free number 1280 from
anywhere in Cambodia to speak to the Child Helpline, or SMS 017–985–810
Contact the Childsafe hotlines on:
012–311–112 (Phnom Penh),
(Siem Reap),
or 012–478–100 (Sihanoukville)
Call the National Police Hotline on
1288 or 023 997 919


Many community-based organizations run positive parenting programmes and other programmes that help people understand the benefits of positive discipline. There are programmes that may help you change the way you speak to your children and the way you discipline them. Changing negative habits can prevent violence against children.

Children experiencing abuse and violence

If you are experiencing abuse at home, at school or anywhere else, speak to someone you trust. It might be your teacher or school principal. If you can get to a telephone, call Friends International or the Child Helpline on 1280 and tell them what is happening to you. They will know how to help.

Neighbours and local communities

Not everyone has access to the Internet or organizations. If you live in a village and see that a family is at risk of separating, you can speak to the village chief. Commune committees for women and children can help too. They will know how to access the right services. If you do have Internet access, get in touch with Family Care First, 3PC or Friends International. If the situation is bad and you suspect violence, contact ChildSafe.

Tourists in Cambodia

Sadly in Cambodia, many tourists abuse and exploit children.  If you see something that looks suspicious, contact the local  police or the ChildSafe hotline. Often, innocent tourists can  unwittingly contribute to child exploitation by purchasing  goods or using services offered by children. If you think that  a business is employing underage children and stopping  them from going to school, contact ChildSafe, a local  organization, or call the police. They will check the child’s  situation. Many children are just helping out their parents  after school, but some may be exploited.

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